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1. The son of Hilkiah, he who was 'over the household' of king Hezekiah, and one of the three who represented the king during the interview with Sennacherib's emissaries (2Ki 18:18; Isa 36:3). In Isa 22:20-24 (Isa 22:25 seems to be out of place) he is contrasted favourably with his predecessor Shebnah (who is still in office), and the prophet prophesies that Eliakim shall be a 'father' in the land. 2. The name of king Josiah's son, who reigned after him; Pharaoh-necho changed his name to Jehoiakim (2Ki 23:34). 3. In Ne 12:41 a priest of this name is mentioned as one among those who assisted at the ceremony of the dedication of the wall. 4. The son of Abind (Mt 1:13). 5. The son of Melea (Lu 3:30). The last two occur in the genealogies of our Lord.

W. O. E. Oesterley.

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