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1. Deceptive arts and charms practiced by designing men, and classed in the Bible with sorcery, magic, divination, witchcraft, and necromancy, or professed communication with departed spirits. All these are expressly forbidden and denounced in Scripture, Ex 22:18; Le 19:26; 20:27; De 18:10-11. The pretended power and skill of enchanters was ascribed to infernal agency, and the art was essentially hostile to true religion. Their seeming wonders were usually wrought by juggling tricks or sleight of hand, or by mysteries of science, known to but few. The magicians of Egypt are said to have done several things "with their enchantments," Ex 7:1-9:29; Ac 19:19.

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(1.) The rendering of Hebrew latim or lehatim, which means "something covered," "muffled up;" secret arts, tricks (Ex 7:11,22; 8:7,18), by which the Egyptian magicians imposed on the credulity of Pharaoh.

(2.) The rendering of the Hebrew keshaphim, "muttered spells" or "incantations," rendered "sorceries" in Isa 47:9,12, i.e., the using of certain formulae under the belief that men could thus be bound.

(3.) Hebrew lehashim, "charming," as of serpents (Jer 8:17; comp. Ps 58:5).

(4.) Hebrew nehashim, the enchantments or omens used by Balaam (Nu 24:1); his endeavouring to gain omens favourable to his design.

(5.) Hebrew heber (Isa 47:9,12), "magical spells." All kinds of enchantments were condemned by the Mosaic law (Le 19:26; De 18:10-12). (See Divination.)

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The words so translated have several signification: the practice of secret arts,

Ex 7:11,22; 8:7

; "muttered spells,"

2Ki 9:22; Mic 5:12

the charming of serpents,

Ec 10:11

the enchantments sought by Balaam,

Nu 24:1

the use of magic,

Isa 47:9,12

Any resort to these methods of imposture was strictly forbidden in Scripture,

Le 19:26; Isa 47:9

etc.; but to eradicate the tendency is almost impossible,

2Ki 17:17

and we find it still flourishing at the Christian era.

Ac 13:6,8

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