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a citizen of Ephratah, the old name of Bethlehem (Ru 1:2; 1Sa 17:12), or Bethlehem-Judah.

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1. A native of Bethlehem (Ru 1:2). 2. An Ephraimite (Jg 12:4; 1Sa 1:1; 1Ki 11:26).

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Inhabitant of Ephrath or Beth-lehem-judah. Ru 1:2; 1Sa 17:12. The same Hebrew word occurs in 1Sa 1:1; 1Ki 11:26, where some translate 'Ephraimite,' as in the R.V., and as is evidently the meaning of the same word in Jg 12:4-5. As to 1Sa 1:1, Elkanah, though a Levite, may have been called an Ephraimite because located in that tribe: cf. Jg 17:7.

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1. An inhabitant of Bethlehem.

Ru 1:2

2. An Ephraimite.

1Sa 1:1; 1Ki 11:26

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