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Reference: Flagon


FLAGON occurs five times in AV, but in only one of these instances is the tr retained by RV, namely, '/Isaiah/22/24/type/am'>Isa 22:24, 'vessels of flagons.' Here it is perhaps an earthenware bottle. On the other hand, RV introduces 'flagons' in two instances where it is not found in AV, namely, Ex 25:39; 37:16. This tr is probably correct, although RV gives 'cups' for the same Heb. word in Nu 4:7. In all these three passages AV has 'covers.' In the remaining four instances where AV gives 'flagons' (2Sa 6:19; 1Ch 16:3; Ho 3:1; Song 2:5), the meaning of the Heb. word is a 'pressed cake

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