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An ingredient in the incense burned at the golden altar, in the Holy Place, Ex 30:34. It is the gum of a plant growing in Abyssinia, Arabia, and Syria, called by Pliny stagonitis, but supposed to be the same as the Bubon Galbanum of Linnaeus. The gum is unctuous and adhesive, of a strong and somewhat astringent smell.

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Heb helbenah, (Ex 30:34), one of the ingredients in the holy incense. It is a gum, probably from the Galbanum officinale.

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An ingredient of the sacred incense, for perfume (Ex 30:34). The odor is disagreeable, but its gum resin enables the perfume to retain its fragrance longer. An exudation from the Galbanum official of the eastern coast of Africa. A similar gun is yielded by the Opoidia galbanifera of Durrood in Khorassan (Lindley).

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One of the ingredients of the sacred incense (Ex 30:34). It is a brownish-yellow, pleasant-smelling resin from various species of Ferula; it is imported from Persia.

E. W. G. Masterman.

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An ingredient in the compound that was burnt in the tabernacle as sweet incense. Ex 30:34. It is not known from what plant or tree it was obtained. The galbanum of commerce is a resinous gum of a disagreeable odour.

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one of the perfumes employed in the preparation of the sacred incense.

Ex 10:29

The galbanum of commerce is brought chiefly from India and the Levant. It is a resinous gum of a brownish-yellow color and strong disagreeable smell, usually met with in masses, but sometimes found in yellowish tear-like drops. But, though galbanum itself is well known, the plant which yields it has not been exactly determined.

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GALBANUM, ?????, Ex 30:34. Michablis makes the word a compound of ???, milk or gum, (for the Syriac uses the noun in both senses,) and ???, white, as being the white milk or gum of a plant. It is the thickened sap of an umbelliferous plant, called metopion, which grows on Mount Amanus, in Syria, and is frequently found in Persia, and in some parts of Africa. It was an ingredient in the holy incense of the Jews.

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