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(1.) Heb 'otsar, a treasure; a store of goods laid up, and hence also the place where they are deposited (Joe 1:17; 2Ch 32:27, rendered "treasury").

(2.) Heb mezev, a cell, storeroom (Ps 144:13); Gr. apotheke, a place for storing anything, a granary (Mt 3:12; Lu 3:17).

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Garner,' which is now archaic if not obsolete, and 'granary,' the form now in use, both come from Lat. granaria, a storehouse for grain. RV retains the subst. in all its occurrences in AV, and introduces the verb in Isa 62:9 'They that have garnered (AV 'gathered') it shall eat it.'

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Same as 'granary,' a storehouse for threshed grain and for the fruits of the earth. It is mentioned in the N.T. as a receptacle for wheat. Ps 144:13; Joe 1:17; Mt 3:12; Lu 3:17.

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