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The name of the wood of which the ark was built. Many suppose it to be the cypress; others, the pine. Gopher may probably be a general name for such trees as abound with resinous inflammable juices, as the cedar, cypress, fir-tree, pine, etc., Ge 6:14.

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a tree from the wood of which Noah was directed to build the ark (Ge 6:14). It is mentioned only there. The LXX. render this word by "squared beams," and the Vulgate by "planed wood." Other versions have rendered it "pine" and "cedar;" but the weight of authority is in favour of understanding by it the cypress tree, which grows abundantly in Chaldea and Armenia.

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(pitch) wood. Only once mentioned --

Ge 6:14

Two principal conjectures have been proposed --

1. That the "trees of gopher" are any trees of the resinous kind, such as pine, fir, etc.

2. That Gopher is cypress.

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