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whom God has graciously given, the cousin of Jeremiah, to whom he sold the field he possessed in Anathoth, before the siege of Jerusalem (Jer 32:6-12).

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Son of Shallum, Jeremiah's cousin, from whom the prophet in prison bought a field in Anathoth while Jerusalem was being besieged by the Chaldeans, as a token to assure the Jews that a time of security would hereafter come when their land would once more be a safe possession (Jer 32:7-12,44). Anathoth being a sacerdotal city with a thousand cubits of suburban fields, the land could not be alienated (Le 25:25,34); but this did not prevent sales within the tribe of Levi, on the failure of the owner the next of kin could redeem the land.

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Son of Shallum, and cousin of Jeremiah the prophet, of whom, when Jerusalem was besieged by the Chaldeans, the prophet bought a field, as a token that Jehovah would surely fulfil His word that houses, fields, and vineyards would be possessed again in that land. Jer 32:7-15.

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(whom God graciously gave), son of Shallum and cousin of Jeremiah.

Jer 32:7-8,9,12

and comp. Jere 32:44 (B.C. 589.)

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