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wordly. (1.) 1Ch 27:15; called also Heleb (2Sa 23:29); one of David's captains.

(2.) Zec 6:10, one who returned from Babylon.

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1. 1Ch 27:15.

2. A Jew from Babylon, from whom and Tobijah and Jedaiah the gold and silver which they presented toward building the temple were to be taken, and crowns made for Joshua's head, afterward to be deposited in the temple as a memorial of the donors (as Cornelius' prayers and ahns of faith "came up for a memorial before God," Ac 10:4), until Messiah should come. Heldai means "robust"; called also Helem (Zec 6:10,14).

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1. The captain of the military guard appointed for the twelfth monthly course of the Temple service (1Ch 27:15). He is probably to be identified with 'Heleb the son of Baanah the Netophathite,' one of David's thirty heroes (2Sa 23:29). In the parallel list (1Ch 11:30) the name is more correctly given as Heled. The form Heldai is supported by Zec 6:10, and should probably be restored in the other two passages. 2. According to Zec 6:10, one of a small band who brought gifts of gold and silver from Babylon to those of the exiles who had returned under Zerubbabel. From these gifts Zechariah was told to make a crown for Joshua the high priest, which was to be placed in the Temple as a memorial of Heldai and his companions. In v. 14 Helem is clearly an error for Heldai.

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1. A Netophathite, a descendant of Othniel, and one of David's captains. 1Ch 27:15.

2. One who returned from exile, Zec 6:10 (probably the same as HELEM in Zec 6:14), who apparently had gold and silver of which crowns were made, to be 'for a memorial in the temple of the Lord.'

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1. The twelfth captain of the monthly courses for the temple service.

1Ch 27:15

(B.C. 1014.)

2. An Israelite who seems to have returned from the captivity.

Zec 6:10

(B.C. 520.)

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