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HORMAH ('devoted' or 'accursed') was a city, apparently not far from Kadesh, where the Israelites were overthrown, when, after the death of the ten spies, they insisted on going forward (Nu 14:45; De 1:44). At a later time it was taken and destroyed by Israel (Nu 21:3; Jos 12:19), this feat being attributed in Jg 1:17 to Judah and Simeon. There we learn that the former name was Zephath. Possibly the memory of the previous disaster here led to its being called 'Accursed.' It was one of 'the uttermost cities of Judah, towards the borders of Edom in the south,' and is named between Chesll and Ziklag (Jos 15:30), also between Bethul (or Bethuel) and Ziklag (Jos 19:4; 1Ch 4:30), in the territory occupied by Simeon. It was one of the towns to which David sent a share of the booty taken from the Amalekites who had raided Ziklag in his absence (1Sa 30:30). There is no need to assume with Guthe (Bibelw

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