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a ruin, a city of Naphtali, captured by Ben-hadad of Syria at the instance of Asa (1Ki 15:20), and afterwards by Tiglath-pileser of Assyria (2Ki 15:29) in the reign of Pekah; now el-Khiam.

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("ruin".) A store city of Naphtali in N. Palestine. Captured by Benhadad's captains, at Asa's request for help against Baasha, king of Israel (1Ki 15:20; 2Ch 16:4). Taken also by Tiglath Pileser (2Ki 15:29). The lovely little plain N.W. of Dan, at the foot of the hills of Naphtali, Merj Ayun, is probably the site.

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A town in the north part of the mountains of Naphtali, noticed in 1Ki 15:20 (= 2Ch 16:4) as taken by Benhadad. It was also captured and depopulated by Tiglath-pileser (2Ki 15:29). The name survives in Merj 'Ay

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Town in Naphtali. 1Ki 15:20; 2Ki 15:29; 2Ch 16:4. Identified by some with el Khiam, 33 19' N, 35 36' E.

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(a ruin), a town in the north of Palestine, belonging to the tribe of Naphtali. It was taken and plundered by the captains of Ben-hadad,

1Ki 15:20; 2Ch 16:4

and a second time by Tiglath-pileser.

2Ki 16:20

It was situated a few miles northwest of the site of Dan, in a fertile and beautiful little plain called Merj' Ayun.

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