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Reference: Jachin And Boaz


the names of two brazen columns set up in Solomon's temple (1Ki 7:15-22). Each was eighteen cubits high and twelve in circumference (Jer 52:21,23; 1Ki 7:17-21). They had doubtless a symbolical import.

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These are the names borne by two brazen, or more probably bronze, pillars belonging to Solomon's Temple. They evidently represented the highest artistic achievement of their author, Hiram of Tyre,' the half-Tyrian copper-worker, whom Solomon fetched from Tyre to do foundry work for him,' whose name, however, was more probably Huram-abi (2Ch 2:12, Heb. text). The description of them now found in 1Ki 7:15-22 is exceedingly confused and corrupt, but with the help of the better preserved Gr. text, and of other OT. references (viz. 1Ki 7:41-42; 2Ch 3:15-17; 4:12-13 and Jer 52:21-23 = 2Ki 25:17), recent scholars have restored the text of the primary passage somewhat as follows:

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