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A Hebrew contraction for JEHOVAH, Ps 68:4. It is often found in Hebrew compound words, as in Adonijah, Malachia, Hallelujah.

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a contraction for Jehovah (Ps 68:4).

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Condensing in one emphatic syllable all that is implied in Jahveh (or Yahweh), the true pronunciation of Jehovah (Ps 68:4); first in Ex 15:2 (Hebrew). Often in names, as Eli-jah. Only in poetry: Isa 12:2, "Jah (or Yah) Jehovah is my strength and my song"; (Isa 26:4) "in Jah (or Yah) Jehovah is the Rock of ages." The union of the two names expresses in the highest degree God's unchanging love and power. Hallelu-Jah (or Hallelu-Yah) is "Praise ye Jah (or Yah)". Ps 89:8, "O Jehovah, God of hosts, who, as Thou, is a strong Jah (or Yah)?" the emphatic concentration of the name "Jehovah." The spirit impressed with a sense of God feels the need of repeating frequently that name in which His being is comprehended (Hengstenberg).

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An abbreviated form of Jehovah. Ps 68:4. The same Hebrew word occurs many times, and is translated LORD. See GOD.

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(Jehovah), the abbreviated form of Jehovah, used only in poetry. It occurs frequently in the Hebrew, but with a single exception,

Ps 68:4

is rendered "Lord" in the Authorized Version. The identity of Jah and Jehovah is strongly marked in two passages of Isaiah--

Isa 12:2; 26:4


See Jehovah

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JAH, one of the names of God, which we meet with in the composition of many Hebrew words; as, Adonijah, Allelujah, Malachia; that is, "My Lord," "Praise the Lord," "The Lord is my King."