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One of the twelve apostles, and brother of John the apostle. He was a fisherman, and was called to the apostleship while mending his nets. He at once forsook all and followed the Lord. Mt 4:21; 10:2; Mr 1:19,29; Lu 5:10; 6:14; Ac 1:13. James and his brother were named by the Lord BOANERGES, 'sons of thunder.' He with John asked if they should call down fire from heaven on the Samaritans. Lu 9:54.

Peter, James, and John were privileged by the Lord to attend Him on several occasions, as on the mount of transfiguration. Mt 17:1; Mr 5:37; 9:2; 13:3; 14:33; Lu 8:51; 9:28. The mother of James and John requested that her two sons might sit, the one on the right hand and the other on the left of the Lord in His kingdom. This raised the indignation of the other disciples; but the Lord taught them all a lesson of humility: He Himself had come to minister and to give His life a ransom for many. Mt 20:20. James was killed by Herod Agrippa I. about A.D. 43. Ac 12:2. The 'James' referred to in 1Co 15:7 may be this apostle.

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