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A kinsman and host of Paul, at Thessalonica. His person and goods were interposed to shield the apostle from the rabble, A. D. 52, Ac 17:5-10. He seems also to have been with him at Corinth, five years afterwards, Ro 16:21.

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he that will cure, the host of Paul and Silas in Thessalonica. The Jews assaulted his house in order to seize Paul, but failing to find him, they dragged Jason before the ruler of the city (Ac 17:5-9). He was apparently one of the kinsmen of Paul (Ro 16:21), and accompanied him from Thessalonica to Corinth.

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Graecized from Joshua. The Thessalonian who received Paul and Silas (Ac 17:5-7,9), whom the mob therefore, after assaulting his house, dragged before the magistrates. Jason had to give security before he was let go. In Ro 16:21 Paul sends Jason's salutations from Corinth, calling him his "kinsman" or fellow tribesman, or fellow countryman, as the word is used Ro 9:3.

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This Greek name was adopted by many Jews whose Hebrew designation was Joshua (Jesus). 1. The son of Eleazar deputed to make a treaty with the Romans, and father of Antipater who was later sent on a similar errand, unless two different persons are meant (1Ma 8:17; 1Ma 12:16; 1Ma 14:22). 2. Jason of Cyrene, an author, of whose history 2 Mac. (see 2Ma 2:23; 2Ma 2:26) is an epitome (written after b.c. 160). 3. Joshua the high priest, who ousted his brother Onias iii. from the office in b.c. 174 (2Ma 4:7 ff.), but was himself driven out three years later, and died among the Laced

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The host of Paul and Silas at Thessalonica, whose house was attacked by the Jews, and himself arrested. Ac 17:5-9. Perhaps the same as the one at Rome described as a kinsman of Paul. Ro 16:21.

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(one who will heal), called the Thessalonian, entertained Paul and Silas, and was in consequence attacked by the Jewish mob.

7/5/type/wnt'>Ac 17:5-6,7,9

(A.D. 48.) He is probably the same as the Jason mentioned in

Ro 16:21

It is conjectured that Jason and Secundus,

Ac 20:4

were the same.

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