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1. Joshua the son of Nun (Ne 8:17). 2. The head of the ninth course of priests (1Ch 24:11). 3. A Levite in the time of Hezekiah (2Ch 31:15). 4. A man of the house of Pahath-moab whose descendants returned with Zerub. (Ezr 2:6; Ne 7:11 [1Es 5:11 Jesus]); perhaps identical with No. 2 above. 5. A Levitical house or its successive heads in the times of Zerub., Ezra, and Nehemiah; mentioned in connexion with the building of the Temple (Ezr 3:9), the explanation of the Law (Ne 8:7; cf. Ne 9:4 f.), and the sealing of the covenant (Ne 10:9). Cf. also Ezr 2:40 [1Es 5:26 Jesus] 1Es 8:33 [1Es 8:63 Jesus], Ne 7:43; 12:8,24. 6. The high priest who along with Zerub. headed the first band of exiles. In Ezr. and Neb. he is called Jeshua, in Hag. and Zec. Joshua. He took a leading part in the erection of the altar of burnt-offering and the laying of the foundations of the Temple (Ezr 3:2 ff.). In Hag. and Zec. he is frequently coupled with Zerub., after these prophets had begun to stimulate the people to undertake building operations in earnest (Hag 1:1,12,14; Zec 3:1 ff; Zec 6:10-11). He is eulogized in Sir 49:12 [Jesus], 7. A priestly family, Ezr 2:36 = Ne 7:39 = 1Es 5:24 [Jesus]. 8. A town in the south of Judah (Ne 11:26). The site is possibly at the ruin Sa'wi west of Tett 'Arad and south of 'Att

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