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dweller in the desert. (1.) One of the sons of Joktan, and founder of an Arabian tribe (Ge 10:29). (2.) King of Edom, succeeded Bela (Ge 36:33-34). (3.) A Canaanitish king (Jos 11:1) who joined the confederacy against Joshua.

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1. Last of Joktan's sons (Ge 10:29; 1Ch 1:23). Ptolemy mentions the Jobaritoe (perhaps Jobabitae ought to be read) among the Arabs.

2. King of Edom (Ge 36:33-34); son of Zerah of Bozrah; successor of Bela, first king. His association in kindred with Eliphaz (2) gives color to the conjecture that Jobab equates to Job.

3. Jos 11:1.

4. 1Ch 8:9.

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1. A son of Joktan in the genealogies (Ge 10:29; 1Ch 1:23), and therefore probably an Arabian geographical name. Glaser identifies Jobab with YHYBB (likely Yuhaybab), a tribe mentioned in the Sab

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1. Son of Joktan, a descendant of Shem. Ge 10:29; 1Ch 1:23.

2. Son of Zerah and king of Edom. Ge 36:33-34; 1Ch 1:44-45.

3. King of Madon, conquered by Joshua. Jos 11:1.

4. Son of Shaharaim, a Benjamite. 1Ch 8:9.

5. Son of Elpaal, a Benjamite. 1Ch 8:18.

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(a desert).

1. The last in order of the sons of Joktan.

Ge 10:29; 1Ch 1:23

2. One of the "kings" of Edom.

Ge 3:24; 1Ch 1:44-45

3. King of Madon; one of the northern chieftains who attempted to oppose Joshua's conquest and were routed by him at Meron.

Jos 11:1


4. Head of a Benjamite house.

1Ch 8:9

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