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1. The dual form of Kirjath, a city. It was an ancient city of the Emim, east of the Jordan; afterwards inhabited by the Moabites, Amorites, and Israelites in turn, Ge 14:5; De 2:9-11; Eze 25:9. It fell within the limits of the tribe of Reuben, Nu 32:37; Jos 13:19.

2. A Levitical city in Naphtali, 1Ch 6:76; called Kartan, in Jos 21:32.

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two cities; a double city. (1.) A city of refuge in Naphtali (1Ch 6:76).

(2.) A town on the east of Jordan (Ge 14:5; De 2:9-10). It was assigned to the tribe of Reuben (Nu 32:37). In the time of Ezekiel (Eze 25:9) it was one of the four cities which formed the "glory of Moab" (comp. Jer 48:1,23). It has been identified with el-Kureiyat, 11 miles south-west of Medeba, on the south slope of Jebel Attarus, the ancient Ataroth.

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1. City of Reuben, east of the Jordan. Nu 32:37; Jos 13:19. Called KIRIATHAIM in Jer 48:1,23; Eze 25:9 where it is associated with Moab, and devoted to judgement. Identified by some with Kureiyat, 31 35' N, 35 42' E.

2. Levitical city in Naphtali. 1Ch 6:76. Probably the same as KARTAN in Jos 21:32. Not identified.

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