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Kissing is a mark of affection between parents and children (Ge 27:26 f., Ru 1:9; 1Ki 19:20 etc.), members of a family, or near connexions (Ge 29:13; 45:15), and equals in rank (2Sa 20:9; Ac 20:37). Guests are received with a kiss (Lu 7:45). A kiss from a superior marks condescension (2Sa 15:5; 19:39). These kisses may he on the lips, but are usually on the cheek or neck. The kiss was a token of love (Song 1:2; 8:1), of homage and submission (Ge 41:40; Job 31:27; Ps 2:12), and was also an act of idolatrous worship (1Ki 19:18; Ho 13:2). The Moslems kiss the black stone at Mecca. Juniors and inferiors kiss the hands of seniors and superiors. A wife kisses the hand or beard of her husband. The hand, garments, even the feet of one appealed to may he kissed. Prohably Judas presumed to salute with the kiss of an equal (Mt 26:49 etc.). A kiss on the hand would have been natural. The 'holy kiss,' or 'kiss of love' (1Co 16:20; 1Pe 5:14), marked the tie that united Christians in a holy brotherhood.

W. Ewing.

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