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partridge. (1.) A Levite and temple-warder of the Korahites, the son of Asaph. He was father of Shallum and Meshelemiah, temple-porters (1Ch 9:19; 26:1).

(2.) A Levitical porter at the east gate of the temple (2Ch 31:14).

(3.) In 1Ch 26:19 the word should be "Korahites," as in the Revised Version.

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1. The eponym of a Korahite guild of doorkeepers (1Ch 9:19). 2. Son of lmnah, a Levite in the time of Hezekiah (2Ch 31:14).

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1. Son of Ebiasaph, a son of Korah (No. 1). 1Ch 9:19; 26:1.

2. 'The sons of Kore,' better translated the sons of 'the Korahites.' 1Ch 26:19.

3. Son of Imnah, a Levite: set over the freewill offerings in Hezekiah's reign. 2Ch 31:14,

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1. A Korahite, ancestor of Shallum and Meshelemiah, chief porters in the reign of David.

1Ch 9:19; 26:1

(B.C. 1014.)

2. Son of Imnah, a Levite in the reign of Hezekiah. He had charge of the offerings.

2Ch 31:14

(B.C. 726.)

3. In the Authorized Version of

1Ch 26:19

the sons of Kore (following the Vulgate Core) should properly be "the sons of the Korhite."

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