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(1.) Heb 'eshnabh, a latticed opening through which the cool breeze passes (Jg 5:28). The flat roofs of the houses were sometimes enclosed with a parapet of lattice-work on wooden frames, to screen the women of the house from the gaze of the neighbourhood.

(2.) Heb harakim, the network or lattice of a window (Song 2:9).

(3.) Heb sebakhah, the latticed balustrade before a window or balcony (2Ki 1:2). The lattice window is frequently used in Eastern countries.

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eshuwab, sebakah, charakkim (Jg 5:28; 2Ki 1:2; Pr 7:6, "casement"; Song 2:9). A latticed window with reticulated network through which the cool air entered, while the sun's rays were averted. Glass was not yet used for windows, though it was well known.

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The window of the East, formed of trellis work, which admitted air and light, yet screened from observation. Jg 5:28; 2Ki 1:2; Cant. 2:9.

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this word is used for a latticed window or simply a network placed before a window or balcony. Perhaps the network through which Ahaziah fell and received his mortal injury was on the parapet of his palace.

2Ki 1:2

(The latticed window is much used in warm eastern countries. It frequently projects from the wall (like our bay windows), and is formed of reticulated work, often highly ornamental, portions of which are hinged so that they may be opened or shut at pleasure. The object is to keep the apartments cool by intercepting the direct rays of the sun, while the air is permitted to circulate freely. --Fairbairn. [See HOUSE and WINDOW]

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