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Descendants of Mizraim, Ge 10:13, dwelling in Africa, probably near Ethiopia; they were famous bowmen, Isa 66:19, and are mentioned as soldiers with the Ethiopians, Libyans, and Tyrians, Jer 46:9; Eze 27:10; 30:5.

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probably the same as Lud (2) (comp. Ge 10:13; 1Ch 1:11). They are associated (Jer 46:9) with African nations as mercenaries of the king of Egypt.

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Ge 10:13. From Mizraim; therefore not the same as Lud, who was Semitic (Isa 66:19), but Hamitic. (See LUD.) The Egyptian "Retu," the old inhabitants of central Egypt. They are Africans evidently in Jer 46:9; Eze 30:4-5; near Phut or Nubia: "the Libyans (Phut) that handle the shield, and the Lydians that handle and bend the bow"; the foot was pressed on the center, and the hands held the two ends, so "handle and bend" are both said. The Egyptian monuments confirm Scripture accuracy. The Rebu appear with small round shields, and the Ludim being Africans naturally excel in archery, for which Africa was famous.

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Ge 10:13; 1Ch 1:11

a Mizraite people or tribe descended from Ludim the son of Mizraim; also called Lydians. It is probable that the Ludim were settled to the west of Egypt, perhaps farther than any other Mizraite tribe. Lud and the Ludim are mentioned in four passages of the prophets --

Isa 66:19; Jer 46:9; Eze 27:10; 38:5

There call be no doubt that but one nation is intended in these passages, and it seems that the preponderance of evidence is in favor of the Mizaraite Ludim.

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LUDIM. There were two Luds; the one the son of Shem, from whom the Lydians of Asia Minor are supposed to have sprung, and the other the son of Mizraim, whose residence was in Africa. The descendants of the latter only are mentioned in Scripture: they are mentioned by Isa 66:19, with Pul, whose settlement is supposed to have been about the island Philoe, near the first cataract of the Nile; by Jer 46:9, with the Ethiopians and Lybians; by Eze 27:10, with Phut, as the mercenary soldiers of Tyre, and 30:5, with the Ethiopians and Libyans; all plainly denoting their African position; but in what particular part of that continent this position was, is not known.

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