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Or Claudius Lysias, commander of the Roman guard at Jerusalem during Paul's last visit there. In the honorable discharge of his duty, he repeatedly saved Paul from the malice of the Jews, Ac 21:27-40; 22-23.

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1. A general of Antiochus Epiphanes, charged with a war of extermination against the Jews (1Ma 3:32 ff., cf. 2Ma 10:11; 2Ma 11:1 ff.); defeated at Bethsura (1Ma 4:34 ff.); after the death of Epiphanes he championed the cause of Eupator, and finally suffered death along with the latter at the hands of Demetrius (6:14ff., 63, 1Ma 7:2-4, 2Ma 14:2). Cf. art. Maccabees,






(dissolving), a nobleman of the blood-royal, 1Macc 3:32; 2Macc 11:1, who was entrusted he Antiochus Epiphanes (cir. B.C. 166) with the government of southern Syria and the guardianship of his son Antiochus Eupator. 1Macc 3:32; 2Macc. 10:11. After the death of Antiochus Epiphanes, B.C. 184, Lysias assumed the government as guardian of his son, who was pet a child. 1Macc 6:17. In B.C. 164 he, together with his ward, fell into the hands of Demetrius Soter, who put them both to death. 1Macc 7:2-4; 2Macc 14:2.