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This word is used in its proper sense in De 28:34; Joh 10:20; 1Co 14:23. It also denotes a reckless state of mind arising from various causes, as over-study (Ec 1:17; 2:12), blind rage (Lu 6:11), or a depraved temper (Ec 7:25; 9:3; 2Pe 2:16). David feigned madness (1Sa 21:13) at Gath because he "was sore afraid of Achish."

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In Scripture "madness" is recognized as a derangement proceeding either from weakness and misdirection of intellect or from ungovernable violence of passion. In one passage alone,

Joh 10:20

is madness expressly connected with demoniacal possession by the Jews in their cavil against our Lord; in none is it referred to any physical causes.

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