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Reference: Maon, Maonites


1. In Jg 10:12 the Maonites are mentioned together with the Zidonians and Amalekites as having oppressed Israel. They dwelt in Mt. Seir, south of the Dead Sea. According to 1Ch 4:41 f., the Maonites (called Meunim in this passage) were, in the reign of Hezekiah, driven out of their pasture land by the Simeonites. The passage is interesting as showing how long the original Canaanites held their own in the land after the Israelite invasion. In 2Ch 26:7 they are mentioned as having been overcome by Uzziah (cf. 2Ch 20:1, where 'Ammonites' should probably be 'Meunim').

2. A different place of the name of Maon is mentioned in Jos 15:55; this was a small town in the hill-country of Jud

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