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Job 38:32. Our translators properly suppose this word to denote the twelve signs of the zodiac, a broad circle in the heavens, comprehending all such stars as lie in the path of the sun and moon. As these luminaries appear to proceed throughout this circle annually, so different parts of it progressively receive them every month; and this progression seems to be what is meant by "bringing forth mazzaroth in his season," that is, Canst thou by thy power cause the revolutions of the heavenly bodies in the zodiac, and the seasons of summer and winter, in their regular succession?

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prognostications, found only Job 38:32, probably meaning "the twelve signs" (of the zodiac), as in the margin (comp. 2Ki 23:5).

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Job 38:32, "canst thou bring forth the signs of the zodiac at their respective seasons?" Mazzaloth in 2Ki 23:5 margin, the 12 lodgings or stopping places (from Arabic menzil, "an inn"), in which the sun successively stays or appears to stay in the sky. Gesenius supports margin Job 38:32, "the 12 signs," literally, "premonitions," i.e. "stars that give warnings or presages."

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Probably the twelve signs or constellations of the Zodiac, Job 38:32; see margin. The Hebrew word mazzaloth occurs in 2Ki 23:5, translated 'planets,' but 'twelve signs, or constellations' in the margin.

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(the twelve signs). The margin of the Authorized Version of

Job 38:32

gives Mazzaroth as the name of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

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