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rebellions. (1.) Father of Amariah, a high priest of the line of Eleazar (1Ch 6:6-7,52).

(2.) Ne 12:15, a priest who went to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel. He is called Meremoth in Ne 12:3.

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1. Sprung from Eleazar, Aaron's son; ancestor of Zadok and Ezra (1Ch 6:6). Lightfoot (Temple Serv. 4:1) thought that he was next before Eli, and that at his death the high priesthood passed from Eleazar's to Ithamar's line. Meraioth and Ahitub are perhaps transposed in Azariah's genealogy (1Ch 9:11; Ne 11:11).

2. Ne 12:15; MEREMOTH in Ne 12:3.

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1. Son of Ahitub and father of Zadok (1Ch 9:11; Ne 11:11). 2. A Levite (1Ch 6:6 f., Ezr 7:3); called in 1Es 8:2 Memeroth and in 2Es 1:2 Marimoth. 3. A priestly house in the days of Joiakim (Ne 12:15 = Meremoth of Ne 12:3).

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1. Son of Zerahiah, a priest. 1Ch 6:6-7,52; Ezr 7:3.

2. Son of Ahitub, a priest. 1Ch 9:11; Ne 11:11.

3. Ancestor of Helkai, a priest in the days of Joiakim. Ne 12:15.

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1. A descendant of Eleazar the son of Aaron and head of a priestly house.

1Ch 6:61; 7:40

It is apparently another Meraioth who comes in between Zadok and Ahitub in the genealogy of Azariah.

1Ch 9:11; Ne 11:11

2. The head of one of the houses of priests, which in the time of Joiakim the son of Jeshua was represented by helkai.

Ne 12:15

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