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meeting with the Lord. (1.) A Levite who returned from Babylon (Ezr 8:33).

(2.) A false prophetess who assisted Tobiah and Sanballat against the Jews (Ne 6:14). Being bribed by them, she tried to stir up discontent among the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and so to embarrass Nehemiah in his great work of rebuilding the ruined walls of the city.

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1. Ezr 8:33; weighed the temple gold and silver vessels brought from Babylon.

2. The prophetess, suborned by Sanballat and Tobiah to frighten Nehemiah (Ne 6:14; compare Eze 13:17).

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1. Levite who weighed the vessels of the sanctuary. Ezr 8:33.

2. One called a prophetess who attempted to terrify Nehemiah. Ne 6:14.

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(whom Jehovah meets).

1. A Levite, son of Binnui who with Meremoth, Eleazar and Jozabad weighed the vessels of gold and silver belonging to the temple which were brought back from Babylon.

Ezr 8:33

(B.C. 459.)

2. The prophetess Noadiah joined Sanballet and Tobiah in their attempt to intimidate Nehemiah.

Ne 6:14

(B.C. 445.)

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