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A town of Benjamin, near Lydda, 1Ch 8:12; Ezr 2:33. The "plain of Ono" is supposed to denote a portion of the Plain of Sharon near Ono, Ne 6:2; 11:35.

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a town of Benjamin, in the "plain of Ono" (1Ch 8:12; Ezr 2:33); now Kefr 'Ana, 5 miles north of Lydda, and about 30 miles north-west of Jerusalem. Not succeeding in their attempts to deter Nehemiah from rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, Sanballat and Tobiah resorted to strategem, and pretending to wish a conference with him, they invited him to meet them at Ono. Four times they made the request, and every time Nehemiah refused to come. Their object was to take him prisoner.

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A town of Benjamin (1Ch 8:12). The men of Lod, Hadid, and Ono, 721 in number, returned from Babylon (Ne 7:37). Its plain is mentioned (Ne 6:2); identified by some with "the valley of craftsmen" (Ne 11:35). Kefr Ana and Ania are suggested as representing Ono; but there are objections to both.

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A Benjamite city (1Ch 8:12) named with Lod and Hadid (Ezr 2:33 etc.), to which his enemies invited Nehemiah to conference (Ezr 6:2). It was reoccupied after the Exile. It is identified with Kefr '

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City and plain in Benjamin, some men of which returned from exile. 1Ch 8:12; Ezr 2:33; Ne 6:2; 7:37; 11:35. Identified with Kefr Ana, 32 1' N, 34 52' E.

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(strong), one of the towns of Benjamin, is first found in

1Ch 8:12

A plain was attached to the town called "the plain of Ono"

Ne 6:2

perhaps identical with the valley of craftsmen"

Ne 11:35

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