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Several Hebrew words are translated both Ox, Oxen, and Bull, Bullock. The principal word for 'bullock' is par, this is constantly spoken of as offered in the sacrifices. Ex 29:3-14. The same word is used in Ps 22:12: "many bulls have compassed me." The principal words translated 'oxen' are:

1. baqar, so called because used for labour, though also offered in sacrifice. Nu 7:3-88; 2Ch 35:8-12.

2, shor, so called from its strength, boldness, etc. Ex 21:28-36; Pr 14:4; Eze 1:10. In Ps 22:12 for 'strong bulls' the word is abbir, signifying 'mighty one,' it is translated 'bulls' in Ps 50:13; 68:30; Isa 34:7; Jer 50:11. The ox is typical of attributive power in patience as found in the living creatures in Eze 1:10; and in Re 4:7.

For WILD BULL in Isa 51:20 the word is to; and the WILD OX in De 14:5 is teo. Both of these are supposed to refer to some large antelope, which could be caught in a strong net.

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