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Son of Eber, and fourth in descent from Shem. He was called Peleg, division, because in his time the earth was divided, Ge 10:25; 11:16.

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division, one of the sons of Eber; so called because "in his days was the earth divided" (Ge 10:25). Possibly he may have lived at the time of the dispersion from Babel. But more probably the reference is to the dispersion of the two races which sprang from Eber, the one spreading towards Mesopotamia and Syria, and the other southward into Arabia.

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("division".) Eber's son, Joktan's brother (Ge 10:25; 11:16). "In his days the earth was divided." His name marks an epoch in the world's history:

(1) God's intimation of His will that the earth was to be divided in an orderly distribution of the various families of mankind, which order the Hamitic Babel builders tried to contravene (Ge 11:4), in order to concentrate their power; also the Hamite Canaanites in "spreading abroad" broke the bounds assigned by God, seizing the sacred possession of Shem where Jehovah was to be blessed as "the Lord God of Shem" (Ge 9:26,18-20).

(2) The division of Eber's family; the younger branch, the Joktanids, migrating into S. Arabia the elder Peleg remaining in Mesopotamia.

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A descendant of Shem in the fourth generation, according to the table of peoples given in Ge 10. In Lu 3:35 he stands a generation further off through the interpolation of Cainan from the Septuagint. The etymology of the name is uncertain. Its reference may be geographical, or racial, or, as the word means ordinarily 'a water-course,' it may denote a land cut up by streams.

W. F. Cobb.

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Son of Eber, a descendant of Shem. The name signifies 'division,' and apparently he was so called because 'in his days was the earth divided.' Ge 10:25. This doubtless means, as is said in Ge 10:5, "By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; " and again in Ge 10:32, "By these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood." In the next chapter is the account of the confusion of tongues and the scattering of the people generally. Ge 11:16-19; 1Ch 1:19,25.

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(division, part), son of Eber and brother of Joktan.

Ge 10:25; 11:16

The only incident connected with his history is the statement that "in his days was the earth divided." an event embodied in the meaning of his name --"division." The reference is to a division of the family of Eber himself, the younger branch of which (the Joktanids) migrated into southern Arabia, while the elder remained in Mesopotamia.

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