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One of the four rivers that watered Paradise, Ge 2:11-12, and which ran through all the land of Havilah, where excellent gold was found. It has, of course, been placed as variously as the Garden of Eden, to which article and EUPHRATES the reader is referred.

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Babylonian, the current, broad-flowing, one of the "four heads" into which the river which watered the garden of Eden was divided (Ge 2:11). Some identify it with the modern Phasis, others with the Halys, others the Jorak or Acampis, others the Jaab, the Indus, the Ganges, etc.

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One of the four heads of Eden's river (Ge 2:11), compassing Havilah. (See EDEN.)

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One of the four 'heads' or main streams into which the river divided that flowed through Eden. Ge 2:11. Not identified.

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