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exalted. (1.) The son of Hezron, and one of the ancestors of the royal line (Ru 4:19). The margin of 1Ch 2:9, also Mt 1:3-4 and Lu 3:33, have "Aram."

(2.) One of the sons of Jerahmeel (1Ch 2:25,27).

(3.) A person mentioned in Job 32:2 as founder of a clan to which Elihu belonged. The same as Aram of Ge 22:21.

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1. Ru 4:19; 1Ch 2:9-10,25,27. Hezron's second son, born in Egypt after Jacob settled there, for he is not mentioned in Ge 46:4. In Mt 1:3-4; Lu 3:33, Aram.

2. Job 32:2. Uz and Aram recur three times in the race of Shem (Ge 10:23; 22:2; 36:28).

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1. An ancestor of David (Ru 4:19; Mt 1:3-4; in Lu 3:33 Arni). In 1Ch 2:9 he is called the brother, but in 1Ch 2:25,27 the son of Jerahmeel. 2. The family to which Elihu belonged (Job 32:2). Some have supposed that Ram is a contraction for Aramaic


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The male of sheep. As the strength of the flock it was constantly offered in the sacrifices. See SHEEP.


1. Son of Hezron and father of Amminadab. Ru 4:19; 1Ch 2:9-10. Called ARAM in Mt 1:3-4; Lu 3:33.

2. Son of Jerahmeel. 1Ch 2:25,27.

3. Elihu is described as "the son of Barachel the Buzite, of the kindred of Ram." Job 32:2.

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