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An ancient Assyrian city, between Nineveh and Calah, Ge 10:12. Its exact position cannot now be determined.

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head of the stream; bridle, one of Nimrod's cities (Ge 10:12), "between Nineveh and Calah." It has been supposed that the four cities named in this verse were afterwards combined into one under the name of Nineveh (q.v.). Resen was on the east side of the Tigris. It is probably identified with the mound of ruins called Karamless.

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The Larissa of Xenophon (Ahab. 3:4, section 7), now Nimrud. (See ASSYRIA; NINEVEH.) Calah is probably Kileh Sherghat, 55 miles S. of Mosul, on the right bank of the Tigris. Resen was situated nine geographical miles N. of it, and four S. of Koyunjik or Nineveh. Septuagint read Dasen. G. Rawlinson however identifies Asshur with Kileh. Sherghat, and Caleb or Halah with Nimrud. The name Calah may have been transferred from Asshur, Kileh Sherghat, to Nimrud, when the seat of empire was transferred to this latter place. The targums of Jonathan and Jerusalem explain Resen as Tel-assar "the mound of Asshur."


The last of the four cities built by Asshur, or, according to the RV, by Nimrod, and described as lying between Nineveh and Calah (i.e. Kouyunjik and Nimroud), on the E. bank of the Tigris (Ge 10:12). From its position the site referred to should be at or near the present Selam

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The great city "between Nineveh and Calah" one of the four cities built by Asshur, or by Nimrod in Asshur. Ge 10:12. Some judge it to be 'not identified'; but others trace it to ruins at 36 12' N, 43 10' E.

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Ge 10:12

one of the cities built by Asshur, "between Nineveh and Calah." Assyrian remains of some considerable extent are found near the modern village of Selamiyeh, and it is perhaps the most probable conjecture that these represent Resen.

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