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As if a sardius united to an onyx; a species of gem exhibiting the reddish color of the carnelian and the white of the chalcedony, intermingled either in shades or in alternate circles, Re 21:20.

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(Re 21:20), a species of the carnelian combining the sard and the onyx, having three layers of opaque spots or stripes on a transparent red basis. Like the sardine, it is a variety of the chalcedony.

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A precious stone associated with one of the foundations of the holy Jerusalem. Re 21:20. The word does not occur in the A.V. of the O.T. Aquila, in his Greek version, uses it for the onyx in Ge 2:12. It is judged to be a variety of chalcedony, or of agate, of various colours, with stripes of a different shade.

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a name compounded of sard and onyx, two precious stones, varieties of chalcedony or agate. The sardonyx combines the qualities of both, whence its name. It is mentioned only in

Re 21:20

The sardonyx consists of "a white opaque layer, superimposed upon a red transparent stratum of the true red sard." It is, like the sard, merely a variety of agate, and is frequently employed by engravers for signet-rings.

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SARDONYX, ????????, Re 21:20. A precious stone which seems to have its name from its resemblance partly to the sardius and partly to the onyx. It is generally tinged with black and blood colour, which are distinguished from each other by circles or rows, so distinct that they appear to be the effect of art.

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