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the acacia; rock-thorn, the southern cliff in the Wady es-Suweinit, a valley south of Michmash, which Jonathan climbed with his armour-bearer (1Sa 14:4-5). The rock opposite, on the other side of the wady, was called Bozez.

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("bush".) The southern of the two isolated rocks in the passage of Michmash, mentioned in Jonathan's enterprise (1Sa 14:4,8), the nearer of the two to Geba. He made his way across from Geba of Benjamin to the Philistine garrison at Michmash over Seneh and Bozez, the rocks intervening. Seneh was named from the growth of thorn brushes upon it. The ridge between the two valleys (still called Suweineh and Buweizeh) has two steep sides, one facing the S. toward Geba (Seneh), the other facing the N. toward Michmash (Bozez). In going from Geba to Michmash, instead of going round by the passage of Michmash where the two valleys unite, Jonathan went directly across the ridge over the two rocks which lay between the passages or valleys.

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One of the steep cliffs forming the walls of the gorge of Michmash, where Jonathan's exploit occurred (1Sa 14:4 f.). The name may signify 'tooth,' though this is uncertain. The precise cliffs, called respectively Seneh and Bozez, are not identified.

H. L. Willett.

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Rock in the "passage of Michmash" where the Philistines had a garrison in the days of Saul. 1Sa 14:4.

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(thorn), the name of one of the two isolated rocks which stood in the "passage of Michmash,"

1Sa 14:4

6 1/2 miles north of Jerusalem.

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