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The first son of Adam after the death of Abel, Ge 4:25-26; 5:3,6,8, and ancestor of the line of godly patriarchs.

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appointed; a substitute, the third son of Adam and Eve (Ge 4:25; 5:3). His mother gave him this name, "for God," said she, "hath appointed me [i.e., compensated me with] another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew."

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Ge 4:25; 5:3; 1Ch 1:1. Seth means "foundation," being "appointed" in Abel's place as ancestor of the promised Seed. Father of Enos ("frailty"); a name embodying his sense of man's weakness, the opposite of the Cainites' pride. This sense of frailty led the Sethites to calling on God in His covenant relation to His believing people; thus began the church as a people separated from the world, and its service of prayer and praise. While the Cainites, by erecting a city and inventing worldly arts, laid the foundation of the world kingdom, the Sethites, by joint invocation of Jehovah's name i.e. His self manifestation towards man, founded the kingdom of God.

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The third son of Adam, Ge 4:25 (Jahwist) Ge 5:3 (Priestly Narrative), 1Ch 1:1; Lu 3:38. In the first of these passages Jahwist assigns a characteristic etymology for the name, Eve being made to say, 'God hath set (sh

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Son of Adam and Eve, born after the death of Abel, and father of Enos. His name signifies 'appointed': God thus continued the line of Abel, whom Cain slew, through the appointment of Seth. Hence, in Ge 4:25-26 it is said in connection with Seth, "Then began men to call upon the name of the Lord." This is immediately followed by "This is the book of the generations of Adam," giving the lineage through Seth and his descendants, and making no mention of Cain and his descendants. From Seth the genealogy is traced to Noah, and the flood swept away all else. Ge 5:3-8; Lu 3:38. He is called SHETH in 1Ch 1:1.

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Ge 4:25; 6:3; 1Ch 1:1

the third son of Adam, and father of Enos. (B.C. 3870.) Adam handed down to Seth and his descendants the promise of mercy, faith in which became the distinction of God's children.

Ge 4:26

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SETH, son of Adam and of Eve, was born A.M. 130, Ge 5:3,6,10-11. Seth, at the age of one hundred and five years, begat Enos, A.M. 235. He lived after this eight hundred and seven years, in all nine hundred and twelve years, and died A.M. 1042. Seth was the chief of "the children of God," as the Scripture calls them, Ge 6:2 that is, those who before the flood preserved true religion and piety in the world, while the descendants of Cain gave themselves up to wickedness. The invention of letters and writing is by the rabbins ascribed to this patriarch.

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