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heard of God. (1.) The son of Ammihud. He represented Simeon in the division of the land (Nu 34:20).

(2.) Used for "Samuel" (1Ch 6:33, R.V.).

(3.) A prince of the tribe of Issachar (1Ch 7:2).

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1. Nu 34:20.

2. Samuel the prophet (1Ch 6:33).

3. 1Ch 7:2.

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1. The Simeonite appointed to assist in the dividing of the land (Nu 34:20). It is not improbable that the Massoretic Text should be corrected to Shelumiel, the form in Nu 1:6; 2:12; 7:36,41; 10:19. 2. Grandson of lssachar (1Ch 7:2).

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1. Son of Ammihud, a Simeonite. Nu 34:20.

2. The name of SAMUEL the prophet as given in 1Ch 6:33.

3. Son of Tola and a chief of Issachar. 1Ch 7:2.

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(heard by God).

1. A commissioner appointed from the tribe of Simeon to divide the land of Canaan.

Nu 34:20

(B.C. 1450.)

2. Samuel the prophet.

1Ch 6:33

3. Son of Tola, and one of the chiefs of the tribe of Issachar,

1Ch 7:2

(B.C. 1014.)

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