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tumult. (1.) "The children of Sheth" (Nu 24:17); R.V., "the sons of tumult," which is probably the correct rendering, as there is no evidence that this is a proper name here.

(2.) The antediluvian patriarch (1Ch 1:1).

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1. Seth in 1Ch 1:1.

2. Nu 24:17 translated "destroy all the children of tumult," i.e. Moab's fierce warriors (Ex 15:15; Isa 15:4; 16:6). Sheth is related to shaon in the parallel "tumultuous ones," Hebrew "children of tumult" (Jer 48:45); others make Sheth a Moabite king.

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In Nu 24:17 (only) AV and Revised Version margin tr b?n

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Son of Adam. 1Ch 1:1. See SETH. The word occurs also in Nu 24:17, where, instead of 'children of Sheth,' it is better to read 'sons of tumult;' that is, 'tumultuous war will be destroyed:' cf. Jer 48:45.

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1. The patriarch Seth.

1Ch 1:1

2. In the Authorized Version of

Nu 24:17

not a proper name, but there is reason to regard it as an appellative. Read instead of "the sons of Sheth." "the suns of tumult." Comp.

Jer 48:45

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