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Reference: Solomon's Porch


(Joh 10:23; Ac 3:11; 5:12), a colonnade, or cloister probably, on the eastern side of the temple. It is not mentioned in connection with the first temple, but Josephus mentions a porch, so called, in Herod's temple (q.v.).

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Joh 10:23. A portion of the temple which according to Josephus (B. J. 5:5, section 1; Ant. 20:9, section 7) remained from Solomon's time. It rose from a great depth, occupying part of the valley, and supported by a wall 400 cubits high, formed of immense stones, some 20 cubits long. The Chaldaeans spared it, perhaps for its strength and beauty. Our Lord walked in its shelter in winter.

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Some porch or colonnade attached to the temple built by Herod. The Lord 'walked' therein, where there was room for the Jews to gather round Him. Joh 10:23. When Peter and John had cured the lame man, the people congregated in the same place, and Peter addressed them. It was probably an unfrequented part of the outer temple, for the believers met there in the earliest days of the church. Ac 3:11; 5:12.

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