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Jer 2:16, or Tahpanhes, Jer 43:7,9, or Tegaphnehes, Eze 30:18, the name of an Egyptian city, for which the Seventy put Taphne, and the Greek historians Daphne. This city lay in the vicinity of Pelusium, towards the southwest, on the western bank of the Pelusiac branch of the Nile, and is therefore called by Herodotus the Pelusiac Daphne. To this city Johanan and many of the Jews retired, after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Chaldeans, taking with them the prophet Jeremiah, Jer 43:7-9; 44:1. That Tahapanes was a large and important city, is apparent from the threats uttered against it by Eze 30:18. According to some, Hanes, in Isa 30:4, is an abbreviated name of the same city.

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Tahpanhes=Tehaphnehes, (called "Daphne" by the Greeks, now Tell Defenneh), an ancient Egyptian city, on the Tanitic branch of the Nile, about 16 miles from Pelusium. The Jews from Jerusalem fled to this place after the death of Gedaliah (q.v.), and settl


Tahap'anes Tahpanhes, Tah'panhes Tehaphnehes.

City in Lower Egypt, where Pharaoh had a house, and whither in disobedience the people of Judah fled after the murder of Gedaliah, taking Jeremiah and Baruch with them. Jeremiah prophesied that the king of Babylon should set his throne in that city and smite the land of Egypt. Jer 2:16; 43:7-9; 44:1; 46:14; Eze 30:18.

It has been identified with the ancient Daphnae, identified with ruins at Tell Defenneh, about 30 52' N, 32 7' E. During some explorations there the name of a mound was asked, and it was said to be Kasr Bint el Yehudi, 'the palace of the Jew's daughter.' This agrees with Jer 43:6, which says that the king's daughters were carried to Tahpanhes by Johanan. On digging among the ruins many relics of Grecian pottery were found, there evidently having been a Greek colony on the spot at some period, and this would account for the Greek name Daphnae.

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