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An Ishmaelite tribe and district, in the north of Arabia Deserta towards Damascus, Ge 25:15. It is associated with Dedan, Isa 21:14; Jer 25:23, and was famous for its caravans, Job 6:19. The region is still called Tema by the Arabs.

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south; desert, one of the sons of Ishmael, and father of a tribe so called (Ge 25:15; 1Ch 1:30; Job 6:19; Isa 21:14; Jer 25:23) which settled at a place to which he gave his name, some 250 miles south-east of Edom, on the route between Damascus and Mecca, in the northern part of the Arabian peninsula, toward the Syrian desert; the modern Teyma'.

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("desert land".) Ishmael's ninth son (Ge 25:15). Founder of an Arab tribe in the northern Arabia Deserta, on the border of the Syrian desert (Job 6:19); "the troops of Tema" are the caravans on the direct road anxiously "looking for" the return of their companions gone to look for water; the failure of it in the wady and the disappointment depict Job's disappointment at not finding comfort from his friends whose professions promised so much (Isa 21:14; Jer 25:23).

Teyma, a small town, preserves the name (Themme in Ptolemy 5:19, section 6); commanded by the castle El Ablak of a Jew Samuel (A.D. 550), attributed by tradition to Solomon, now in ruins; originally meant to protect the caravan route on the N. of Arabia. Compare Ge 25:15, "sons of Ishmael, by their towns and castles." The Hebrew however for "castles" may mean "hamlets"; see Speaker's Commentary, Nu 31:10; from tor "a row," namely, of rude dwellings, of stones piled one on another and covered with tent cloths, like the devars in Algeria.

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In Ge 25:15 (1Ch 1:30), a son of Ishmael. The country and people meant are still represented by the same name

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Son of Ishmael, and father of a tribe of the same name; also the territory occupied by the tribe. Ge 25:15; 1Ch 1:30; Job 6:19; Isa 21:14; Jer 25:23. Probably the same as Teima, 32 52' N, 36 46' E.

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(a desert), the ninth son of Ishmael,

Ge 25:15; 1Ch 1:30

whence the tribe called after him, mentioned in

Job 6:19; Jer 25:23

and also the land occupied by this tribe.

Isa 21:13-14

(B.C. after 1850.) The name is identified with Teyma, a small town on the confines of Syria.

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