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breast, the name of one of the apostles (Mr 3:18), called "Lebbaeus" in Mt 10:3, and in Lu 6:16, "Judas the brother of James;" while John (Joh 14:22), probably referring to the same person, speaks of "Judas, not Iscariot." These different names all designate the same person, viz., Jude or Judas, the author of the epistle.

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Mr 3:18. Same as Lebbaeus or Judas not Iscariot (Joh 14:22). (See JUDE.) The Sinaiticus and Vaticanus manuscripts read in Mt 10:3 only "Thaddaeus, "omitting "and Lebbaeus whose surname was."

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This is the name of one of the Twelve Apostles as given in Mt 10:3; Mr 3:18. He is doubtless to be identified with the 'Judas [son] of James,' who appears in the Lukan lists (Lu 6:18; Ac 1:13; so RV, but AV renders 'brother of James'), and with the 'Judas, not Iscariot,' of Joh 14:22, though some Syrian writers have made this last Judas to be the same as the Apostle Thomas (syr reads here 'Thomas,' syr reads 'Judas Thomas'), Thomas being confessedly only a surname, 'the Twin.'

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