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lime, a place in the wilderness of Sinai (De 1:1), now identified with Tafyleh or Tufileh, on the west side of the Edomitish mountains.

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Tufileh, (Robinson, Bibl. Res. ii. 570), S.E. of the Dead Sea. Ninety-nine springs and rivulets flowing into the Ghor water the neighbourhood. It is surrounded by apple, apricot, fig, pomegranate, and olive trees. It is naturally chosen as a landmark (De 1:1).

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Place in the wilderness, mentioned only in De 1:1. Identified by some with et TufiIeh, a very fertile region, south-east of the Dead Sea, 30 56' N, 35 37' E.

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De 1:1

has been identified with Tufileh on a wady of the same name running north of Bozra toward the southeast corner of the Dead Sea.

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