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Reference: Unction


(1Jo 2:20,27; R.V., "anointing"). Kings, prophets, and priests were anointed, in token of receiving divine grace. All believers are, in a secondary sense, what Christ was in a primary sense, "the Lord's anointed."

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The same Gr. word as that translated 'anointing' in 1Jo 2:27 is in 1Jo 2:20 rendered 'unction' (RV 'anointing'). It is used there metaphorically of the effect of the presence of the Holy Spirit upon the believer.

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This term occurs only in 1Jo 2:20, though the same word, ??????, is twice translated 'anointing' in 1Jo 2:27. The Holy Spirit is an unction that permeates, as it were, the whole being of the Christian to give him Christ's character.

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