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1. Mentioned in genealogies: (a) 1Ch 6:24; 15:5,11. (b) 2Ch 13:2. 2. The angel who rebukes the presumption of Esdras in questioning the ways of God (2Es 4:1; 2Es 5:20 ff; 2Es 10:28), and converses with him at length. In 2Es 4:36 RV reads 'Jeremiel.' In Enoch 9.1 Uriel, or Urjan, is one of the four archangels, but in 40.9 and 71 his place is taken by Phanuel. In 19.1, 20.2 he is one of the 'watchers,' 'the angel over the world and Tartarus'; and in 21, 27 he explains the fate of the fallen angels (cf. Sib. Orac., where he brings them to judgment). In 72 ff. Uriel, 'whom the eternal Lord of glory sets over all the luminaries of heaven,' shows Enoch the celestial phenomena; In 33.3, 4 he writes them down. In the lost 'Prayer of Joseph' he is the angel with whom Jacob wrestled, the eighth in rank from God, Jacob being the first.

C. W. Emmet.

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