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mindful. (1.) Father of Shammua, who was one of the spies sent out by Moses (Nu 13:4).

(2.) A Merarite Levite (1Ch 24:27).

(3.) A son of Asaph, and chief of one of the courses of singers as arranged by David (1Ch 25:2,10).

(4.) Son of Imri (Ne 3:2).

(5.) A Levite (Ne 10:12).

(6.) The son of Mattaniah (Ne 13:13).

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1. Father of Shammua the Reubenite spy (Nu 13:4).

2. A Merarite Levite, son of Jaaziah (1Ch 24:27).

3. Son of Asaph (1Ch 25:2,10); "prophesied according to the order of the king"; over the third division of the temple choir (Ne 12:35).

4. Son of Imri; aided at the wall (Ne 3:2).

5. A Levite, signed the covenant (Ne 10:12).

6. A Levite, father of Hanan (Ne 13:13).

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1. A Reubenite (Nu 13:4 (6)). 2. A Simeonite (1Ch 4:26). 3. A Merarite (1Ch 24:27). 4. An Asaphite (1Ch 25:2,10; Ne 12:35). 5. One of those who helped to re-build the wall (Ne 3:2). 6. One of those who sealed the covenant (Ne 10:12), prob. same as mentioned in Ne 13:13. 7. Ezr 8:14. See Zabbud.

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1. A Reubenite, father of Shammua. Nu 13:4.

2. Son of Jaaziah, a Merarite. 1Ch 24:27.

3. Son of Asaph: he and his sons were among the singers. 1Ch 25:2,10; Ne 12:35. See ZABDI No. 4.

4. Son of Imri: he helped to repair the wall of Jerusalem. Ne 3:2.

5. A Levite who sealed the covenant. Ne 10:12.

6. Son of Mattaniah, a Levite. Ne 13:13.

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1. Father of Shammua, the Reubenite spy.

Nu 13:4

(B.C. 1451.)

2. A Merarite Levite, son of Jaaziah.

1Ch 24:27

3. Son of Asaph the singer.

1Ch 25:2,10; Ne 12:35

4. The son of Imri who assisted Nehemiah in rebuilding the city wall.

Ne 3:2

(B.C. 446.)

5. A Levite, or family of Levites, who signed the covenant with Nehemiah.

Ne 10:18

(B.C. 410.)

6. A Levite whose son or descendant Hanan was one of the treasurers over the treasuries appointed by Nehemiah.

Ne 13:13

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