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Zido'nians Sidonians. Sido'nians

The inhabitants of Zidon and its neighbourhood. At times the term was applied to the Phoenicians generally. They were renowned for cutting timber and as being fishermen and seamen. De 3:9; Jos 13:4,6; Jg 3:3; 10:12; 18:7; 5/6/type/bbe'>1Ki 5:6; 11:1,5,33; 16:31; 2Ki 23:13; 1Ch 22:4; Eze 32:30. The Zidonians were idolators: Baal and Ashtoreth were their gods. This is mentioned on the sarcophagus of Ashmanezer, apparently one of their kings.

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the inhabitants of Zidon. They were among the nations of Canaan; left to give the Israelites practice in the art of war,

Jg 3:3

and colonies of them appear to have spread up into the hill country from Lebanon to Misrephothmaim,

Jos 13:4,6

whence in later times they hewed cedar trees for David and Solomon.

1Ch 22:4

They oppressed the Israelites on their first entrance into the country,

Jg 10:12

and appear to have lived a luxurious, reckless life.

Jg 18:7

They were skillful in hewing timber,

1Ki 5:8

and were employed for this purpose by Solomon. They were idolaters, and worshipped Ashtoreth as their tutelary goddess,

1Ki 11:5,33; 2Ki 23:13

as well as the sun-god Baal from whom their king was named.

1Ki 16:31

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