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ZOBA or ZOBAH. A Syrian kingdom that warred on Saul and David successively (1Sa 14:47; 2Sa 8:3,7-8; 10:6,19). It adjoined the Damascus territory, and stretched toward the Euphrates; probably E. of Coelosyria. David gave so effectual a blow to its power that it became his tributary; and the only trouble which it afterward gave was when Rezon of Zoba became master of Damascus, and was an adversary of Israel all the days of Solomon. Hadadezer had several petty kings as his vassals. (See HADADEZER.) So wealthy had his kingdom been then that some of his servants bare shields of gold, which David took. Its cities Betah or Tibhath, and Berothai or Chun, yielded David "exceeding much brass."

David in his first conflict with Zoba slew of the Syrians of Damascus, allies of Hadadezer, 22,000, and took from Hadadezer 1,000 chariots, 700 horsemen, and 20,000 footmen, and houghed his chariot horses except 100 which he reserved. In his second conflict Zoba was called in as ally by Ammon, and Joab defeated both. Then Hadadezer made a last effort, and drew forth the Syrians from beyond the river Euphrates. David fought in person at Helam, and slew 7,000 fighters in chariots, 40,000 footmen, and Shophach captain of the host (1Ch 19:16, etc.).

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Zo'ba Zobah. Zo'bah

District in the north of Syria lying between Hamath and Damascus. Saul fought against its kings, and David subdued them; but they were still troublesome in Solomon's time. 1Sa 14:47; 8/3/type/darby'>2Sa 8:3-12; 10:6,8; 23:36; 1Ki 11:23; 1Ch 18:3-9; 19:6; 2Ch 8:3; Ps. 60: title.

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