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Where is the sophist? where is the scribe? where is the inquisitive searcher after this world's wisdom? hath not God turned into folly the wisdom of this world?

After all, who is Apollos? And who is Paul? They are [only] servants through whom you believed [in Christ], with each one doing what the Lord gave him to do.

After all, though you should have ten thousand teachers (guides to direct you) in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers. For I became your father in Christ Jesus through the glad tidings (the Gospel).

In my letter I said to you that you were not to keep company with those who go after the desires of the flesh;

But the sense of my letter was that if a brother had the name of being one who went after the desires of the flesh, or had the desire for other people's property, or was in the way of using violent language, or being the worse for drink, or took by force what was not his, you might not keep company with such a one, or take food with him.

After all, is it my business to judge outsiders? You are to judge those who are in the community, aren't you?

But I, not the Lord, say this to the rest of you [Note: Paul now addresses the matter of mixed marriages, a circumstance Jesus never taught about]: If any brother has a wife who is an unbeliever, and she agrees to continue living with him [Note: In these verses Paul addresses a situation where one marriage partner is converted after they are married], he should not divorce her.

Was anyone called [after] being circumcised? He must not undo his circumcision. Was anyone called in uncircumcision? He must not become circumcised.

I have no orders from the Lord for unmarried women, but I will give you the opinion of one whom you can trust, after all the Lord's mercy to him.

But she is happier if she so abide, after my judgment: and I think also that I have the Spirit of God.

For even if after all [there] are so-called gods, whether in heaven or on earth, just as [there] are many gods and many lords,

Does any one ever serve as a soldier at his own expense? Does any one plant a vineyard and not eat its produce? Or does any one look after a herd and not drink the milk?

Do I speak these things after the manner of men? or saith not the law also the same?

Well, I run without swerving; I do not plant my blows upon the empty air ??27 no, I maul and master my body, in case, after preaching to other people, I am disqualified myself.

And the same holy drink: for they all took of the water from the holy rock which came after them: and the rock was Christ.

Nor let us try the patience of the Lord too far, as some of them tried it, with the result that they 'were, one after another, destroyed by the snakes.'

If one partakes of food after saying a blessing over it, why should one be denounced for eating what one has given thanks to God for?

This I warn you of, and commend not that ye come together: not after a better manner but after a worse.

and [after he] had given thanks, he broke [it] and said, "This is my body which [is] for you. Do this in remembrance of me."

You know that when you were heathen, you were led off after idols that could not speak [habitually] as impulse directed and whenever the occasion might arise.

For if you give a blessing with the spirit, how will the man who has no knowledge say, So be it, after your prayer, seeing that he has not taken in what you are saying?

If anyone speaks in a tongue, [it must be] on one occasion two or at most three, and {one after the other}, and one must interpret.

by the which also ye are saved - I do you to know, after what manner I preached unto you - if ye keep it, except ye have believed in vain.

And also we are found [to be] false witnesses of God, because we testified against God that he raised Christ, whom he did not raise if after all, then, the dead are not raised.

And after everything [else] has been subjected to Christ, then the Son Himself will also be subjected [i.e., He will subject Himself] to God, who subjected everything to Christ, so that God may rule over everything.

On the first [day] of each week, let each one of you [personally] put aside something and save it up as he has prospered [in proportion to what he is given], so that no collections will need to be taken after I come.

After passing through Macedonia, I will visit you, for I intend [only] to pass through Macedonia;